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Legal disclaimer of purchase

Natural stones, with varying colors and mineral compositions, are found in quarries throughout the world. Stones including, without, limitation, marble, granite, and all natural stones are products of nature and vary in color, markings, shape, and texture. Natural color and veining will vary from one tile or slab to another. ALL MERCHANDISE IS SOLD “AS IS” AND THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OR MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS, OR ANY OTHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY WARRANTY, OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. CERAMIC AND PORCELAIN TILE ARE MANUFACTURED IN LOTS AND COLORS CAN VARY BETWEEN LOTS. Natural inconsistencies: the merchandise generally contains natural inconsistencies which will be present in tiles and slabs; such natural inconsistencies are normal and are not defects. There may be changes in the patterning of the merchandise from one edge or corner of the tiles and slabs to another edge or corner; such changes in patterning are normal and are not defects. Spots, freckles, and/or rust may appear in the merchandise from time to time, and may appear as a concentration and/or random aberration of color in a particular area of the surface; such spots, freckles, and rust are not defects. Seams: The merchandise purchased is almost never seamless due to the techniques employed to cut slabs in a way that preserves its maximum beauty. Pieces of merchandise must therefore be fitted together and the merchandise used in a particular installation will not be seamless and may have visible seams, which are not defects. Shims, caulking, and putty may be used to fill imperfections in order to install merchandise. There may be such shims, caulking, and/or putty in the merchandise used in a particular installation, which shims, caulking, and/or putty are used to enhance installation and are not defects. Products sold by seller are not wear resistant and seller does not guarantee that wear and tear will not occur. Variations in shade and sizing are inherent in all kiln fire clay products like ceramic and porcelain tiles; in some instances, tonality, shading, size, caliber, concaving, and or convexing may occur. It is recommended that rectified tiles be installed with a minimum of a 1/16” joint line. Buyer acknowledges that the merchandise purchased is not uniform and that the seller can make no guarantees regarding color, marking, shade, and/or texture of the merchandise purchased. Samples, color charts, color illustrations, reproductions, and catalogues are deemed accurate, but not precise representations of the actual color or shade of any particular item. Cracks, scratches, and breakage may occur if products are not installed properly or handled with care. Consequently, seller shall not be liable for, nor shall warrant against any shade variations, cracking, scratching, wear on product surface, defects discovered after installation, alteration of the marble or any other materials, abrasion on installed materials, slipping mishaps, or injuries caused by the surface characteristics of the marble.



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